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13 April 2014 @ 04:00 pm
"Awakening of Love" a ChaeKi fanfic [chapter 24]  
Title: "Awakening of Love"
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters...but I do think they own each other^^...

Author's note:
First I want to thank those awesome readers who kept urging me to update this fanfic although it was pushed back for such a long time...it was because of all your great comments and messages that made me finish it although I started this chapter more than half a year ago...oh gosh, it's really that long ago?...I know, shame on me! However, I promise the last chapter will be shared the next ten days!

Here comes the link for those who read it too long ago and want to refresh the previous chapter: http://limanh-1.livejournal.com/165918.html

Chapter 24

Chae Won was on cloud nine. She never did imagine that happiness could reach this level. It was like jumping from the highest building only to land safely in his arms. She felt drunken, drunken from his love. Could she, please, just keep this state forever?

"Oppa..."she moaned when he finally gave her lips free. She was not sure who was in charge of taking control now. Not that it mattered. The game turned into a burning fire the moment he demanded entry in her mouth, erasing every reasonable thought she had left. Now all she could think of were the eletrifying shocks that run through her body.

"Hmmm..." he mumbled, still busy giving her pecks. Then he took her upper lip between his teeth and gave her a tender love bite, causing a shiver running down her spine. Chae Won surpressed another moan while her fingernails digged in his shoulders. Then she forced herself to take his face in both hands and hold him severeal inches away from hers. Breathing deeply in she tried to calm down.

"Oppa..." she started another time and put a hand on his lips when he tried to kiss her again, "Stop it! I need to say something!"
After his nod she said, "I know what you want and I also know what I want but this is not the right time! You are injured and barely able to walk, so let's delay it to another time."
"You know that you are cruel, right? How can we stop now?" he complained, knowing she was right. Right at that moment her stomach growled, reminding her that it was hours and hours ago that she ate something. She smiled embarrassedly.
"Why didn't you tell me that you were hungry?" he asked.
"Eh? I did! But you were hungry for something else if I might reming you!" she objected.
"You're right! And I'm still am, but let us get something to eat first," he grinned, helping her up from his lap.

In the kitchen she told him to sit down while she placed the sushi she bought on plates. After getting two softdrinks out of the fridge she sat down across him to eat. He opened his mouth and pointed with a finger at the sushi. She deliberately took the best one and moved towards her own mouth to see his reaction. Of course, he immdiately complained and tried to grab for it. However, because of his handicap he was not fast enough to catch her. Out of his reach she put them slowly in her mouth and ate it with delight. Looking at him she raised her eyebrows and licked along her lips while saying, "Hmmmm...."

"You're mean! I'm hungry, too!" he complained, trying to reach for the plate with the sushi.
Chae Won who saw that coming quickly took it away.
"I only let you eat if you promise me something," she grinned.
"Again? You are abusing my injured condition to reach your goals! You are an evil woman!" he stated, "You know that I'll take revenge once I'm cured, right?"
"I'm not afraid of your revenge! So will you promise me something or not?" she answered cooly.
Sighing heavily as if he was deadly hurt, he finally nodded. Looking at his sulking face she had to suppress her laughter.
"You have to promise me never to keep such a big secret by yourself again!" she demanded.
Joong Ki who was expecting something else looked surprisedly at her, "Ehhh...?"
"I want us to go through good and bad time together!" she explained.
He was only able to look at her, too touched to say something. Again he nodded, this time biting his lips.

When he finally opened his mouth to say something she quickly put a sushi in.
"I don't want you to be by yourself in your hardest time. I don't want to be only your lover but also your best friend as we've always been! Cause I think we have the best basis for a solid relationship. Love that is build on strong friendship is proven to be the most durable partnership," she added.
"This reminds me of something!" he pointed out and asked her to come with the chair next to him.
Taking her left hand in his right one he only looked at her for some time. She looked questioningly back at him, slowly getting nervous from his silence. Instead of answering he pointed with his chin at the sushi and opened his mouth. So he only wanted her to be in his reach! She had to smile at his cleverness. This time she fed him with no more teasing.

"Actually this was not the reason why I asked you next to me but I wanted both of us to be full first before saying something," he started after they were done.
"So what do you want to say?" she asked noisily.
He tenderly put his hand on her face. Instead of answering he leaned forward and aimed for her lips again. Closing her eyes she waited for his touch. However, before his lips would touch hers he got up and gave her a tender peck on her forehead instead.

"There is something I never told you…and we just promised not to keep secrets, right?…" he whispered in her ear. Another secret she didn't know of? Nervously she already wanted to open her eyes and look at him, but he quickly put a hand on her eyes.
"Don't…please, keep it shut for another minute. I'll lead the way and you just follow me, okay? I promise, it's nothing bad," he asked for her favor while turning her around so that she was standing in front of him.
Chae Won was curious what he was planning. When she asked him if it was okay to walk with the cast he only said yes. She could tell that he was leading her to his bedroom. He placed her on the bed and repeated his request not to open her eyes. At the same time he reassured her that he was not planning anything naughty.

She nodded. He took something out of his closet and returned next to her. Sitting down next to her he waited for her to slowly open her eyes. Expectantly she then looked at him who was only smiling fondly.
„You know that you are beautiful, right?“ he said instead of answering her unspoken question.
„I can’t complain about you either,“ she replied in a teasing tone.
„One day I want a daughter who is as pretty as you are,“ he continued, taking her by surprise.
„Oh, when did I ever say that I will marry you?“ she smirked.
„The moment you told me that you love me!“ he answered confidently.
"When did I ever?!?" she wondered.
"You did!" he simply grinned, leaving her somehow clueless behind. Despite her begging he refused to answer the question.

After two minutes of them bickering playfully he turned serious.
"Okay, coming back to the topic I wanted to tell you....hmmm, I don't know if I should tell you this, but I've done something I shouldn't..." he stopped talking while she waited with bated breath.
"Oppa, what did you do? Cheongmal, tell me!" she urged him.
"I don't know if I should...you might kill me!" he hesitated.
"Oppa! You can't let me in the rain like this! That's not fair!" she complained, fluttering her eyelashes she begged, "Pleaaase..."
"Arghhhh, THAT is not fair! How can I resist those eyes?!?" he sighed dramatically, causing her to laugh.

Suddenly he carefully slid down from the bed and sat down next to her an the carpet. She looked questioningly down at him, but he only asked her to wait a second. Taking her left hand in his he looked at her in all seriousness without saying a word. She gulped, but waited. Clearing his throat he finally spoke.

"You know, Moonie, nothing was more difficult and heartbreaking for me than thinking that you were my sister. Simply because in my eyes you are my woman. All the other girls I had were only "decoration", my vain attempts to forget that my heart belongs to you. Not that I really succeeded, but the moment I saw you together with Park Si Hoo I became aware that I was only betraying myself. You know, the day after I found out that you truly reciprocated my feelings I did something that was really foolish. I can't say why I did it, I just had the urge to do it. I think it was one of the most bittersweet moments in my life. I felt like crying but at the same time I couldn't. What I did? I went to the jeweler and bought this ring. Since then I'm carrying it with me..." he stopped and slowly took a small box out of his jeans pocket. More than surprised Chae Won put her right hand on her mouth. She was only able to look at him while waiting for him to continue.

"I bought this ring thinking that if I can't give it to you I will never ever give it to someone else nor will I ever get married...it will always only be you! So can you imagine my happiness when today my dream came true? I'm sorry I can't kneel in front of you due to my injury and I'm also sorry that I can't wait till everything is healed but please understand that today is the day I was waiting for, for what seems to be decades. Therefore, Miss Moon Chae Won will you give me the honor to be my wife?..." he opened the jeweler box that contained a beautiful diamont ring, looking expectantly at her. Biting her lips she slowly slid down the bed as well till she sat next to him again. Her eyes were filled with tears that she tried holding on. Tenderly she took his face in both of her hands.

Chae Won looked at him before she answered with a trembling voice, "I do!" However, she stopped him when he wanted to hug her, "Wait! Only under one condition!..."
limanh_1limanh_1 on September 21st, 2014 08:17 pm (UTC)
You've been very busy just like me, dear!... ;) I'm glad you can still enjoy it though it's been very long ago...thank you for your neverending encouragement!...<3