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02 January 2015 @ 10:53 pm
New addiction: We Got Married - LTE couple  
It's about time to introduce the couple who made me fall in love with them.... :) This couple has actually a lot of names: OMG couple, LTE couple, Solim couple or even Olthakhuna couple...and it would take too long to explain their origins...just watch and you will know!...For me they are the LTE couple because they had skinship fast as LTE...lol...

Let me tell you how I found them: I read some articles @soompi that Jae Rim is avancing fast towards So Eun on WGM and I got curious and just tuned in for fun. Never did I expect that I would stick to them like glue...lol...I should mention that I heard of WGM but never was interested to watch it till today, so I was a newbie to this show...I was fascinated by their chemistry and started to watch the other two couples too and even other older couples from the previous seasons cause I could tell from the reactions of the mods that it was not common to behave like that on WGM...kekeke...it was funny how all the fans got crazy from just the slightest skinship by the other couples and here comes a bold man who took her hand on their first night! I simply love Jae Rim for this courage alone! It doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the innocent and sweet relationship of the others...no, I was also giggling and grinning about the process. It's just that the LTE couple is more realistic and adorable in my eyes... :)))

As I said in my previous entry Jae Rim is not only bold in skinship but also very cheesy with his lines...hahaha...he is famous for his finger cringling words but nowadays So Eun is already used to it and nonetheless this man is romantic, so it's not only words but he shows it with his actions...proving her how much he likes her...a perfect setup for a romantic lunatic like me...kekeke...so I'm looking forward to the show every Saturday...I really hope this couple will last long, surpassing all the other couples...^^ I mean thanks to them the ratings of WGM increased constantly over the last weeks and they won "Best Couple" though only 15 episodes of them were aired...

They won at the MBC Entertainment Awards and the moment they appeared I was sold...kekeke...They were not acting differently than from WGM...He was attentive and caring like a real husband and they were holding hands..*melts*...I didn't watch many award shows but I'm sure it's not common to do it. The other two couples from WGM attended as well but didn't do it. And I also love that their attire matched each other's outfit perfectly. They must have spent time to coordinate it! Aren't they just gorgeous?...I have to say that I really like So Eun's gown here. It accentuated her body and oh boy, she does have curves! She was simply beautiful. From the look of Jae Rim's eyes you could tell he thought the same, "So Eun-ahh, my beautiful queen!". He even called her "jagi-yah" [aka "honey"] during their speech...hihihi...[pic not mine, credit to owner]: