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13 December 2014 @ 12:22 am
End of the year is nearing...^^  
What does that mean? Right!...My leading men this year!...kekeke...Back in Oktober I mentioned Jang Hyuk, Eric and Wookie already while thinking that Rain or In Sung might join but I was wrong! Till today I haven't watched both of their dramas.. :D When I started writing this entry I looked back at the last years...and I really had to grin...I was so right! My heart is really fickle towards men...at least towards actors...hahaha...I guess the men I'm fangirling for are actually the character in the respective drama...cause I love their drama and the pairing I root for them so much...and usually I'm never that crazy again if they have another female lead....speaks volumes about chemistry, right? At least for me!....

Okay, so let's see who could catch my attention more than others...oh, wait! There's another discovery I made...I changed my watching habits...right now, young flowers boys don't really catch my attention any more...guess I'm getting old...lol...I'd rather prefer more mature actors at least 30 years old...I mean it's not really a secret...I've always prefered more matured men [even when I was 18] but back then I would also watch dramas with younger actors but this year somehow they didn't attract me...^^

Eric's pic is the only that's not from a professional photoshooting but a SC from his latest drama but he can keep it up with the others easily which proves his handsomeness!...kekeke...As said it’s not difficult to find out the first three men but I think Jae Rim is a surprise, even to me!…kekeke….And it might surprise you even more because I haven’t seen any of his dramas…O_O so what is he doing on my list? Especially if I even didn’t write much about him yet? I will soon, right now there is only one entry that point at him…;) He is right now on „We got married“ a Korean variety show…I got curious after reading some articles about him with So Eun, who I knew from BOF, and started to watch and I simply love it!…Though it’s not a drama but I see it as a drama, just with more episodes…^^ and he is such a cheeseball and cutie-pie! I will write about it in  my next entry!…:D