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20 September 2014 @ 10:35 pm
"Awakening of Love" a ChaeKi fanfic [chapter 25 - final]  
Title: "Awakening of Love"
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters...but I do think they own each other^^...

Author's note: Most of this chapter I already wrote back in April but never got to finish the last bit...but because I want to finish this fanfic I finally made it. I miss my ChaeKi friends and I miss them und I miss writing fanfics!...

Chapter 25

In 15 minutes her father would walk together with her down the aisle. She just asked everyone to leave the checkroom, including her mother, cause she needed some minutes to collect her thoughts. Chae Won still couldn't believe that today would be the day where she would officially be Mrs. Song Joong Ki. Everything appeared to be dreamlike.

She had to giggle remembering his nervous facial expression when she added that she would only marry him under one condition. Actually, she just wanted to know when he thought she told him that she loved him. She felt embarrassed when he answered her that he'd heard her whispered words that day when he was drunk and injured his hand. Instead, Joong Ki hugged her tightly and assured her that it only made him love her more.

The last three months went by like a flash. While she had to go back to work a week after they returned from Japan, he took care most of the stuff, like renting a new beautiful apartment for both of them with the help of her parents who had the right connections, while doing his physiotherapie, too, and, of course the most important fact, planning the wedding together with her mother, who specially stayed in Seoul for this big occasion. Chae Won trusted both of them, knowing her mother's talent in planning and his artistic eyes. Most of the time she only had to nod to their ideas or voicing small wishes. The only thing she picked herself was her weeding gown, together with Song Ki. She would never forget the overwhelmed facial expression of her darling when he saw her in a wedding dress for the first time. He was just looking at her while his eyes slowly filled with tears. Asking why, he just said that he never thought of seeing her one day like this, especially as his bride. Of course, that earned him a kiss and a loving hug from her.

Maybe it was because his injury, maybe they wanted to save the best for last, but somehow both agreed mutually without words to spend their "first" night as newly wed in their new appartment. They've also decided to postpone their honeymoon to next spring that they wanted to spend in Japan again. Right now they were too occupied with each other to enjoy anything else anyways. Only having eyes for each other they spent every free minute with each other. Even her mother already complained that they would forget anyone else once they're together. It was like all their bottled up feelings needed to be expressed. As a buddy Joong Ki was already great but as her other half she couldn't help but swoon over his thoughtfulness and sweetness. Would it be a soft massage after a tiring working day or her favorite dishes for dinner, he always managed to make her happy. Or a loving message during work to make her heart skip a beat.

Four weeks after they were back in Seoul again they had dinner with her mother and after talking about some wedding stuff they changed to Joong Ki birth myth. Her mother asked them about the progress of the search for his biological mother and Joong Ki had to admit that, although he'd charged a detective, there were none cause they didn’t have enough evidences besides from the birth certificate, which was a dead end.

Looking at them her mother sighed, "You know, I was thinking all the time why my name was listed when I was never involved. It left me unsettled. Then I remembered something, it is only a vague memory and I might be wrong because it was long ago. As you both know I lost your brother and after a year I had to go for a check-up again. I was sitting in the waiting zone of the hospital when I noticed a woman next to me. She was of my age or maybe one or two years younger. She was obviously pregnant and by herself. First I didn’t pay attention to her. However, after some time I noticed that she was crying all the time, so I asked her if she was fine. First she only nodded. I remember that she ran out of tissues so I gave her one and asked her again if she was fine or needed help. This time she looked at me. I could see by her sad eyes that she was heartbroken. While looking at me she must be considering to tell me her story or not. Thinking it might help her to talk about her fate I smiled encouragingly at her but didn’t pressure her. She was a really pretty woman and just judging by her clothes she must have been from a good family, too. So I was wondering why she was that miserable..."

Her mother stopped to take a breath while Moonie and Joong Ki waited with bated breath for her to continue. Would they find a hint now? Maybe her mother would remember something that might help them?

"I must have been trustworthy cause she smiled hesitantly back at me, thanking me for my concern. She then told me that she was having a really tough time right now cause she fell in love with a man not knowing that he was married. Her parents were old because she was born late and she was also their only child, if they would know what their daughter did they would surely die heartbroken. That’s why she decided to give this baby away to adoption once it was born. However, over the months her love for the baby grew and it would get harder everyday to give it away. I remember I really pitied her cause I could feel her pain. Though through different ways but we were still both losing our babies. Actually, we both shared some tears. Because the nurse called my name I had to go so I quickly gave her my business card and told her she could call me anytime she needed someone to talk to,“ her mom continued.

"Did she ever tell you her name?“ Joong Ki wanted to know.
Her mother shook her head, saying „Only after she was gone I realized that she never told me her name.“
"How come her parents didn’t see her pregnancy?“ Chae Won asked.
"I was asking her the same. She told me that she hid it with her clothes and luckily her belly was quite small. The last four months she sent them back to their home village, telling them to enjoy a well-earned vacation after such a long time,“ Mrs. Moon answered.
"Though we still don’t know the reasons it seems like that this was really the encounter that led to your name on the birth certificate,“ he concluded.
"I guess to protect her family she decided to keep her identity hidden completely not knowing that her decision would have such an impact on our lives,“ Moonie smiled sadly.
"Did you ask your father about the adoption?“ her mom questioned him.
"I did. Father said mother took care of the adoption because he was too busy with work. He only knew that it was a condition from my biological mother to stay anonymous and she gave me right away after birth,“ he replied.

"I’m really sorry that I couldn’t be much of help,“ she sighed.
"No, it’s alright. At least I kinda know why I was given away. As I already told Chae Won I had the best parents I could have so it’s just that I’m curious. I just hope she found love later and has a happy life,“ he smiled, though a little sad.
Taking his hands in hers she smiled encouragingly at him. Since then they still didn’t get any new news.

"Chae Won, are you ready?“ her father suddenly asked, after knocking at the door.
"Give me a minute!“ she answered while jumping up from the chair she sat. After a quick look in the mirror to make sure that everything was perfect she rushed to the door. With a bright smile she opened the door and looked proudly at her father, who was in his finest tuxedo. He stretched out his hand for hers.

„Thank you for everything you and mum have done for us,“ she said.
„It was our pleasure! You know, it can never be good enough for our beloved daughter,“ he answered, winking at her.
After giving him a peck on his cheek both proceeded to the wedding hall where Joong Ki and her mother was already waiting. The moment the door opened the music started to play. Slowly she went along the aisle towards the man she was waiting for nearly her whole life, at least that’s how it felt like for her. Both locked their gazes, forgetting all the guests that clapped their hands.

He looked so dashingly handsome in his black tuxedo, she thought.
She was the most beautiful bride he’s ever seen, he thought.

Their eyes shone brightly from the love for each other and every guest agreed that these two were a match made in heaven.

Joong Ki and her father bowed to each other. Then her father placed her hand in Joong Ki's before returning to his place next to her mother. Bride and groom shared another look. She couldn't help smiling brightly at him.
Joong Ki mouthed, "You’re beautiful! I love you!“
"Ta, too!“ she whispered back.

Later she couldn’t tell how she behaved during the ceremony. Everything was dreamlike, as if she wasn’t present. Maybe it was only a dream? Didn’t she dream about the break-up once, too? So maybe this was also another dream? Sub-unconsciously she squeezed his hand. Looking at her worried face he gave her a peck on the palm of her hand, causing the priest to say half jokingly that it was not yet the time to share kisses. The whole wedding hall laughed while her face turned crimson red. Joong Ki only smirked mischievously. Judging from the smooth flow of the rest of the ceremony she must have had say the right words at the right moments.

"NOW you can kiss the bride,“ the priest said his last words with a light smirk, making everyone giggle again. However, Joong Ki only smiled happily. Slowly he raised her veil.
"Finally you are mine, Moonie!“ he whispered, closing his eyes the moment their lips met.
"This was only a taster of what is yet to come,“ he teased her after they broke free.
"Oppa~…!!!“ she complained but smiled at the same time.

The announcer asked the guests to stay for the wedding pictures before going over to the restaurant.
Both went over to his father and greeted him first before turning to her parents. Chae Won hugged her mother especially tightly to thank her for all the help.
"Before we’re going to take pictures I want to introduce you to someone very special,“ her mother said.
"Who?“ Moonie asked curiously. Meanwhile her mother has waved a person to come closer. It was a woman close to her mother's age. She was very pretty, well-dressed but not too chic. Maybe one of her friends from America? She could hear Joong Ki laughing with her father. He’d always been loved by both of her parents. All her past few boyfriends were always compared to him, never being able to reach his level in their eyes. So, of course, no one was happier than them when Joong Ki made his official visit to ask for their permission to marry her after their return from Japan.

"Joong Ki, I want to introduce her to you, too,“ her mother also asked for his attention. Nodding he turned to the ladies.
"Actually, I want to make it short. I was able to find the woman you were searching for,“ her mother continued.
Both Chae Won and Joong Ki looked dumbfounded at her. Did they really hear it right? Her mother wouldn’t play a prank, right? It would be too cruel! Joong Ki slowly looked at the woman who had started to cry. She was his mother? Was he daydreaming?

"I’m soooo sorry, adil. I was young and foolish, but most of all I wanted to give you a life without the burden of being the son of a single mother,“ his mother whispered.
"Wha..aat? Wh...ooo? How?" he was only able to stutter. Chae Won sqeezed his hand, being in shock herself.
"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you ealier. I didn't want to disappoint both of you so I kept my search hidden until I found her. It was only this morning that I got her call and asked her to come. She just arrived. Since she now lives in Busan with her family it took her some time to come," her mother answered. His mother nodded.
"Mother, thank you!" Joong Ki hugged his mother-in-law tightly. Then he took the hand of his mother and said, "Thank you for coming. It made my happiest day even more special!"
"Mom, how were you able to find her when we weren't?" Chae Won asked couriously.
"After some time of intensive thinking I could remember a name on the ultrasonic scan she showed me that day because I was starring very long at it that day. I remember I was wishing desperately to have such a picture, too. It was like a miracle to me. How could I know that one day Joong Ki would really be my son? It was really fate. However, since I wasn't sure I decided to make my own investigation before rising unfulfilled hope in both of you. I'm glad it worked out this way," her mother answered.

Again Chae Won hugged her and thanked her. It made her happy that Joong Ki was happy now. Looking tenderly at him who was whispering with his mother, she told her mother that she couldn't give him a bigger present. Turning back to her he took her hand. Joong Ki pulled her softly next to him. She knew he would later talk to his mother more. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders he gave her a peck on her cheeks.

"Shall we go on with our wedding ceremony?" he asked her smilingly. She nodded. They still had to take pictures and have the banquet. Looking at him she thought that her life couldn't be more perfekt now.
"Thank you for coming into my life and even more for returning my feelings!" she said softly.
"No, Moon Chae Won, the pleasure is on my side! I must have saved a whole country in my previous life to meet you in this! Thank you for loving me!" he replied tenderly, unable to resist kisising her another time.

Intertwining their hands they concentrated on their guests again. Later they would have more than enough time for each other....
cheoncheonhi27: shoulderKiss_EarWispercheoncheonhi27 on September 20th, 2014 09:58 pm (UTC)
Awe it has been long, I didn't believe it when I saw it in my email that there is an update :D

Amazing ending ... ahhh missing them and missing you Kimmy xx
limanh_1limanh_1 on September 21st, 2014 08:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Awe
Yes, it's been really long...too long ago...but finally I managed to finish this piece... :)

Thank you again, dear! I miss you, too! I hope you've been well all along? We really need to talk again and get updated!...^^
Sadiya Thomas Islamsadz143 on September 21st, 2014 12:38 pm (UTC)
awww last ep
Imlove this fanfic sooo much
limanh_1limanh_1 on September 21st, 2014 08:21 pm (UTC)
Re: awww last ep
Thank you so much for liking my fanfic and stay with me till the end...I really do appreciate it! :))