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02 March 2014 @ 12:56 pm
one-shot: Reply 1994  
Title: Your Eyes
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14
Spoiler: none
Disclaimer: I don't own any character just my weird thoughts... :)

Na Jeong and Trash Oppa were married a month already and were now living in their own office-tel. He came home from work one an half hour ago. They just had their dinner. Now both sat in the living room to watch some news but apparently Oppa was occupied with something else.

„Why are you looking at me like this?“ she asked him. He was sitting silently for two minutes next to her on the couch and wasn’t doing anything but starring at her. Trash Oppa bit his lips, something he often did when he was thinking, then he slowly shook his head, still not answering her. Was he daydreaming? Did he even hear her words?
With her hands she waved in front of his face, asking „Oppa~…?
Catching her hand he lead it to his lips, giving her a fond kiss but still not saying anything. Instead he kept looking at her. Slowly she got nervous, was he having bad news and only thinking of a way to tell her nicely?

„Oppa~…? Don’t scare me…“ she therefore asked another time.
„Eh?…Oh, I’m sorry, Oppa didn’t mean to,“ he smiled still not bothering to give an answer for his weird behavior.
Suddenly he put both of his hands around her face. With his thumbs he caressed her cheeks tenderly. He was still looking at her as if he was under magic spell.
„Should I be worried?“ she could’t help asking again. She knew he was sometimes absentminded but right now he was actually looking at her, yet he seemed to be miles away. Again he only shook his head. Slowly he neared her face and kissed first the one eye then the other. Afterwards he only looked at her again. Hence, she teased him, „Oppa, did you smoke something else but cigarettes today?“ making him laugh out loud. „I don’t need any other drugs as long as I have you,“ he answered confidently.

„I just found out what I love most about you~…“ he started and fell silent again.
„And~…?“ She asked, getting slowly impatient. Not that it helped, once Oppa was thinking he could be as stubborn as a mule.
“Kim Jae Joon-ssi! Answer me before I start pulling your hair again!“ she nearly screamed.
„No need to scream that loud, wench! I’m not deaf!“ he complained, covering playfully his ears.
Standing up she placed herself in front of him. She stood with her hands on her hips while looking daggers at him.
Looking up at his wife Trash put a finger on his lips, saying „Why, did I say something wrong?“
As usual unable to resist his cuteness Na Jeong sighed heavily. What to do with this manchild?
Sitting down next to him again she was now taking his face in her hands, forcing him to look in her eyes.
„I just wanted to know why you were starring at me and you still haven’t answered my question yet!“ she repeated her request, „Don’t you dare daydreaming again or I will kiss you to death!“

„Aigoo, does my wife really think this is a threat? If I get these words every time I might do it more often!“ he only laughed.
„Eh…did I say kiss? Of course, I meant I will bite you!“ she quickly changed her words, being aware of her mistake. How could she threat a sex maniac with these words? It was rather an offer for him.
„Like this?“ he asked and before she could take a breath he already bite her lower lip tenderly. Closing her eyes she enjoyed his caress.
„Or like this?“ he whispered, now biting her upper lip. Then he went with his tongue along her lips.
„Or do you mean this?“ he continued, with his teeth softly on her left ear lop. She moaned, nearly giving in to his temptation. This man knew only too well how to seduce her. No way she would let him win this time! She still needed her answer! To wake herself up as well she hit with her head against his.

„Ouch! How come you are always mistreating your husband? Oppa is sad now!“ he pouted.
Crossing her arms she only looked sternly at him.
„Okay, okay! What were we talking about? Kisses? Bites?“ he gave in.
„Oppa!!!“ she complained, „I will really bite you! And be sure that it wouldn’t be a pleasure!“
„Who are you telling? Oppa knows your bites only too well…actually it’s really nothing big. Oppa was just thinking that I’m a lucky guy to have such a beautiful and intelligent wife like you. Sometimes Oppa wakes up late at night and can’t believe that we are really married. Then I’m poking myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming,“ he finally explained his behavior. Trash couldn’t avoid his eyes from getting misty. He still got emotional every time he thought that he could have lost her back then.
„Really? How about waking me up the next time you fear to be dreaming again? I promise, I will show you that we are real. Oppa knows why? Cause without you there is no reality for me!“ she simply answered, wrapping her arms tightly around him.Trash put his head on her shoulder while also embracing her.

„And you know what I love the most about you?...It’s your eyes…I’ve truly never seen so beautiful eyes…They are always showing me your thoughts and emotions, your anger, your passion but most of all your love. I’m getting drunk from the love in your eyes that's why I love starring at you!“ he continued. Putting both hands around his face she raised his head till their eyes met. Without words her eyes were telling him exactly what she felt. Leaning in she gave him a peck, appreciating his words all the more knowing that he was not a man who likes to talk about his feelings. He must have a weak moment right now.
„Do you know what I love the most about you?“ she asked him afterwards.
„My sexy kissable lips?“ he grinned with shining eyes, raising his brows.
„Oppa! Is there ever anything else in your head but this?“ she asked him playfully strict. He simply shook his head, „What you do expect from a newlywed man, especially if he is spending way too less time with his wife? But please, tell me what you like the most.“

„Hmm~…“she said hesitantly while slowly getting up from the couch. Looking at him she smiled mischievously and only shook her shoulders. Turning around she proceeded to leave for the kitchen. It took him a moment to realize that she didn’t intend to answer the question.
„Jeong-ah, tell me,“ he called after her only to be ignored, „Jeong-ah!…Na Jeong-ah!…Sung Na Jeong!“
„What?!?…I’m still thinking,“ she talked her way out of answering him.

When she was about to take orange juice out of the fridge he suddenly hugged her from behind, capturing her between him and the fridge.
„So you don’t want to answer Oppa, huh?“ he asked her. She quickly held back her smile.
„Oppa, it’s cold here! Let go of me!“ she demanded, seemingly untouched by the skinship.
With a quick move he turned her around, lifted her up on his arms while putting her legs around his waist. He closed the fridge with his shoulders. Carrying her to the counter he placed her on top of it while standing between her legs.

„We will stay here till I get your answer,“ he declared.
„I have all the time of the world, Oppa,“ she grinned.
„Really? Oppa will prove you otherwise,“ he smirked, making her curious and at the same time nervous. What was he planning this time? She was trapped by his body. He had put both of his hands on her hips, keeping her in place. Na Jeong didn’t know how long she could resist his charm. He was her weakest point and this devil of a man knew it. She reminded herself of her fighting sprit and her will to always win. However, it was difficult is think of it when she actually wanted the same like the man in front of her. She just enjoyed challenging him.

She looked questioningly at him. Smirking he first went along the outer line of her thigh and then turned to the inside. Since it was a very hot summer day she only wore a skirt and short-sleeved shirt. Therefore Oppa was caressing more or less her bare skin. His touch made her shiver. Automatically she tried to close her legs but was stopped by his hips. „Oppa~…“ she breathed. Putting her hands on his she tried to stop his movements. Biting her lips she fought against his seduction and her own feelings.
„What do you like the most about me?“ he asked and look in her eyes, stopping his touching shortly.
Inhaling deeply she starred back at him, daring him „Don’t ask me! Right now I can’t think of anything good!“
„I see, I see, my Jeongie is in fighting spirit today. I will show you my amenities, my amenities“ he accepted her challenge and wet his lips with his tongue. Seeing his tongue Na Jeong had to gulp inwardly. This would be an unfair fight. She could feel already how her body was getting excited from his attraction, yet she had to pretend indifference. His manly lure had never failed to catch her.

Raising his right hand he touched her temple and went slowly downwards her nose, lips, chin and stopped at her collarbone.
„Do you know it now?“ he then asked. Looking at him she first didn’t know what he meant since her brain stopped working. Quickly she shook her head, actually waiting for him to continue. Taking both of her hands he put them on his shoulders, knowing how much she loved touching him. She could feel that he was breathing faster, proving her that he was not untouched by their little intermezzo. Then he neared her in slow-motion. Expectantly she opened her lips a little, feeling mesmerized by his eyes. However, the moment she thought he would kiss her he put his lips on her throat instead.

„Oppa!“ she couldn’t help protesting, despite revealing herself. Grabbing his hair softly she pulled him up again. Deciding that it was worth loosing this game she wrapped her hands around his neck, her legs around his waist. Now it was her time to lick her lips while looking at him. Her eyes were telling him her wishes. Oppa proved his words to be true when he closed her lips with his in the blink of an eye. Without an interruption of their kissing he carried her to the bedroom…
heartoppayaheartoppaya on March 5th, 2014 02:45 am (UTC)
And you said don't expect lava? What torture is this? You didn't mention slippers, did you?
limanh_1: JW trashylimanh_1 on March 5th, 2014 06:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Lava
Well, it's not lava, right?...kekeke...
No, I didn't...somehow it wouldn't fit in tis context...^^
Sadiya Thomas Islamsadz143 on March 17th, 2014 09:45 pm (UTC)
can you please update your story awakening of love i miss it i really want to read it I've been visiting this page like 45 times a week