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23 February 2014 @ 05:30 pm
one-shot: Reply 1994, part 3  
Title: Tonight
Author: limanh
Rating: M, please be of legal age before reading this!
Spoiler: Don't read it if you haven't watched episode 21 of Reply 1994 yet...
Disclaimer: As usual I don't own any characters only my fantasy... :)

Part 3:

Two hours later she woke up because she felt a butterfly-light kiss on her lips. Keeping her eyes closed she waited for his next move. Again she felt a kiss that barely touched her lips. Then he went with his fingertips along her eyebrow, her nose and her lips, making her shiver inwardly. Na Jeong knew that he tried not to wake her up but like her he wanted to touch her. She could understand her Oppa only too well. The yearning was looking for a way to be satisfied. The need to feel the other one. She knew it only too well. Still, she was curious what his next step would be. Would he give her endless pecks? She held her breath when his hand suddenly slipped under her shirt, starting to caress her bare back. The tingling that went through her body, however, quickly made her heart beat like crazy. Could he feel her body’s reaction to his touch already?

„Oppa,“ she whispered. Instead of answering he only put his lips on hers, demanding entrance.
„Jeongie-ah,“ he moaned when she opened her lips for him.
Putting both arms around his neck she turned on her back with him lying half on top of her, without letting go of their lip locking.

After a minute he slowly left her lips, tracing with his lips down her face. However, she stopped him by taking his face in both hands.
„Wait, Oppa! Are you feeling better already, you just slept like how long, two hours?“ she looked worriedly at him.
„Your care is the best cure for me,“ he assured her, giving her another kiss.
„Right now I’m hungry for your love. Give your Oppa some love, please!“ he whispered in her ear afterwards.
„I’m sorry but my love is sold out,“ she teased him gigglingly cause his breath was tickling her. A second later she had to moan softly cause he had put his lips right at the spot behind her left earlobe, a sensual spot of hers.
„Then let Oppa give you love instead. You need to recharge your love batteries for me,“ he tried luring her.

„My love batteries for you? Aigoo, Oppa, since when do you talk in these terms?“ she giggled.
„Na Jeong-ah, are you laughing at me when I’m trying to be romantic?“ he pouted.
„Of course not, of course not, Oppa! I wouldn’t dare!“ she appeased him, giving him a quick peck. However, seeing his sulking face she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
„You really dare! You’ll regret it!“ he threatened playfully. Sitting up he threw the blanket on the floor and started to tickle her.
„Hahaha, Oppa, I’m sorry!…Hahaha…Stop it before I get angry!…Oppa! I don’t want to attack you since you are sick…hahaha…Oppa! I said, stop it!…Now!“ she tried to get out of his reach but it was useless. He was too strong for her. With her last strength she threw herself on him while grabbing for his hands at the same time, holding them above his head. Landing on top of him she already wanted to cheer her win over him when she realized that he was not using any strength against her but was just lying there.

Na Jeong raised her head and looked at him. However, Oppa was enjoying the picture she involuntarily offered him. The first button of her blouse opened while she was struggling with him, giving him a very revealing sexy sight of her cleavage.
„Oppa!“ she complained while automatically trying to close the gap. The minute she gave his left hand free he immediately wrapped it around her neck. Before she could complain another time his lips closed hers. All playfulness was forgotten when she gave him entry. Tongue met tongue when both explored the mouth of the other.

After some time she stopped the kiss and tried not to put too much of her weight on him. Actually she was worried getting too heavy for him who was still weak. Both breathed heavily. Seeing her thoughtfulness Trash couldn't help but smile fondly. Thus, he sat up with her on his lap. Since she was sitting on his legs they were about the same height. Putting both arms around his neck she looked at him, saying „Are you really fine, Oppa?“
„No, Jeong-ah, Oppa thinks he is getting a fever again“ he said, looking with a serious face at her.
„Cheongmal?“ worriedly she put a hand on his forehead. He seemed to be fine though.
„It’s a fever that only you can cure,“ he continued, this time he couldn’t hold back his smirk.
„Oppa!“ she wanted to hit him playfully again but he took her by surprise by placing a kiss on her collarbone.
„Please, cure Oppa!“ he whispered huskily.

„Oppa, do you know that your charm is sometimes really irresistible?“ she breathed while slowly closing her eyes.
„Only sometimes? Oppa needs to work harder. I want to be always irresistible for you,“ he mumbled while his lips moved slowly downwards her throat. Automatically Na Jeong leaned back a little to give him easier access to her skin. In expectation of his touch she could feel how her nipples were getting hard. The sensations that were running through her body made her crave for more. She dug her fingers into his hair.

„Oppa!“ she purred when he unbuttoned the second button of her blouse. He kissed every inch of skin that got visible.
Na Jeong had to bite her lips when he slowly opened her blouse completely.
„Perfect!“ he simply said while his hands cupped around both of her breast, moving his lips to the area that was not covered by her bra. Throwing her head back she enjoyed the passion that ran through her veins. Unconsciously she moved her hips seductively slow back and forth while feeling his awakened manhood between her legs. He quickly kept hold of her lower body.
„If you don’t want to kill me right now, wait a little longer, Jeang-ah,“ he groaned. With a smooth move he brushed her blouse from her shoulders. Suddenly feeling somehow shy she crossed her arms. Nonetheless they haven't met for two years.
„Don’t, please, don’t hide your beauty from me,“ Trash begged. Taking her face in both his hands he looked in her eyes, saying „From the moment I discovered your beauty it took my breath away! And it will always be this way.“

„I want to feel you, too“ she whispered, now putting her hands on his chest instead. This was a wish Trash was only too willing to fulfill. A second later he’d thrown his shirt on the floor. With bated breath she neared his upper body again. Hesitantly she put her hands on his bare chest, drawing small circles. For her, Oppa always had have the perfect body, not too thin but also not too buff. She loved touching every single of his muscle and was glad that Oppa liked skinship, too. Well, that was actually an understatement. Oppa didn't lie when he said back then that he enjoyed intimacy. Right now, they had to fill a yearning that deepened over the time of their separation.

Trash couldn’t endure her caring for long though. The longing to feel her himself took quickly over. Wrapping his arms around her he searched for her lips.

Soon both were lost in their feelings again, tasting each other nearly desperately. Skin rubbed against skin. Hands were stroking each other backs, flames of desire burning higher with every passing minute. „Click!“ it suddenly made when he opened her bra. Quickly she put a hand on his eyes, asking him to close them. „Please!“ she added. First with the one arm than with the other she took it off while one hand was always on his eyes. Looking at the impatient man in front of her she had to smile fondly.

He was already about to complain about what took her so long when her nipples touched his chest. All words died in his throat the moment she started moving seductively left and right so that they were caressing him. Instead he moaned with pleasure. With still closed eyes his hands were searching for the origin of delight. Once he arrived he carefully fondled them with his thumbs. Now it was Na Jeong’s turn to dig her finger nails in his shoulders.

"Oppa~...!" she breathed feverishly. Wrapping one arms around her waist he gently led her back in the cushion while his lips were glued on hers again. Once on her back he moved his lips from hers down her throat. Biting her there gently he proceeded down to her breast, leaving her all breathless, all restless. With his tongue he first circled her nipples several times before he put his lips around it, starting to suck on it really gentle first. Na Jeong didn't know how long she would be able to endure it. She clung on the bed sheet, nothing but a puddle of emotion. Unconsciously she lifted her hips, searching for salvation.

Feeling her fitful movement Trash quickly first undressed the rest of her and then himself. Laying down on her he kissed her beautiful eyes, cute nose and finally her seducing lips. Was it really only hours ago that he was full of sadness and longing?
„Jeong-ah, I need you! Oppa wouldn’t survive another separation,“ he said while looking seriously at her.
„I need you, too! This was our first and last separation! I love you, Oppa!“ she answered while she slowly opened her legs to give him entry and welcomed him, taking both of them to a place where only true lovers were able to enter, sensations that gave food to body and soul…


Author's note:
Please, don't ask me why it turned out so lavaishly...It just happened as if indeed they told me what to write...lol...Still, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure, this is something I don't usually write about...it's the magic called Nareki...<3

P.S. Gifs are not mine...credits goes to the rightful owner: DC Reply 1994
dreamer1023dreamer1023 on March 3rd, 2014 04:26 am (UTC)
Thank you!!! :) hot!

If you have time, feel free to write more hehehe...;)

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