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15 January 2020 @ 05:30 am
It's January 2012 right now and I started my journal two and a half years ago and back then I never have thought that so many changes may occur in this rather short span of my life but actually the biggest change hit me some time ago so I'm grateful I had this journal to express my feelings [there are alot of entries I keep for myself...kekeke...] back then and now...

I remember when I started it I was sure after I made my "greetings"-post that everything stays mostly the same and so do I...lol...I was wrong! I changed and my life changed...therefore it's time for a new first post...So here it comes:

I'm still a woman who loves to daydream...sometimes I dream maybe too often?...It seems I'm dreaming my life away...lol...and I'm someone who cherishes the small signs of affection in life may it be a tender smile or a simple "thank you"...a grateful bow or a soft hug. I also think I can say I'm a loyal and trustful friend and I always try to see life from the positive side though I do have a melancholy side of me that hits me once a while...

But what's more interesting is that I love dramas and recently I watch kdramas more often than others. Since I can remember I always liked to read lovestories...and I'm one of those girls who are hopelessly romantic... :P and because kdramas always emphasize feelings it is able to catch my heart... :D But it doesn't mean that I don't like dramas from others countries, it just depends one the story, right? I mean I started this journal back then because of a Japanese couple that I'm still fond of till today. So I'm always willing to give a good drama a try...

I decided not to call anyone my ichiban anymore cause all the entries back here proved me that I have a inconstant heart...*hides*...so I only have men that I really like and adore and those men are tagged...btw please also be aware that this journal contains over 90% fangirling...hihihi...and mostly over men I have watched in a recent drama...different from other journals I rarely mention the female counterpart or actresses and singers in my journal...my focus will always be male but it doesn't mean that I don't like woman...it's just that I'm a typical girl who falls for men...hahaha...

Over the years I learned alot and today I can make my own icons and banners...back then I didn't even know what an icon was...I was so envious of all the beautiful journals here...lol...I'm happy I improved though I still have alooooot to learn...I'm a ambitious person so looking back shows me that I made progress...I don't want to be the best but always above average...^^;

As said this journal also includes entries about my RL and my own very personal view of life so I will still friendlock all entry besides the ones mentioned in the entry below...

I'm curious myself if 2,5 years later I need to change or rather post a new entry again because I changed so much or if it'll be same...we'll see, ne?...

20 June 2019 @ 12:00 pm
As you can easily see I'm just a common girl who loves and needs to fangirl aloooot and therefore decided to make an account here...lol...I love Arashi...those five are just too adorable and I really enjoy every show they're in! As you can think my ichiban is Matsumoto Jun...I fell for him ever since the third episode of Hanadan..lol...but I have to admit that with time all the other members grew on me as well and today I have to say that Arashi has to be all FIVE of them...

Let me introduce you to them individually...I have to say I love them more from day to day as I get to know them better...2009 they had their 10th anniversary and I truly hope they'll have at least 10 more years: so it's Nino, Aiba, Jun, Sho and Ohno!... :D


DBSK/TVXQ is my other favorite band with Micky being my ichiban in this group (like I discovered Arashi through Jun I found DBSK though Micky so these two boys will always have a special spot in my heart)...^____^...I discovered them late I know but nonetheless I really love them and their music...So I will support them no matter if together or individually...gambatte, boys! From left to right there is: Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max and U-know...

My journal isn't as creative as alot others I've seen here, but this is me! I share some daily stories as welll as fanfics (I hope at least there will be more than one...lol...) and maybe also some art works in the future.

Most of all my post will only be for friends...if you want to befriend with me just pm me or post a comment here and I´ll try to answer as soon as possible! Just do me a favor and tell me where you know me from...lol...and please be aware that I won't add empty journals back, ne? Because I want to interact with you... ^_~

I will only leave the fanfics I posted in ebisu_midnights (and maybe also those who are not Maotsujun related) visible to everyone so you don't need to befriend me only to read them. If you don't know this community already I can only recommend you to visit it cause it has some really really good Maotsujun fanfics, same goes for the lovesosweet.niceboard.net/forum.htm

Have fun reading as much as I have while posting...

Your ~limanh...
July 2009

Edit:  As you can see from my tags now I started a second fanfic...I found my love for writing through LSS...lol...so I think I'll bother you with more fanfics in the future...hihihi...

14 February 2017 @ 01:51 am
After a long, long time I'm writing a fanfic, a sign that I'm obsessed with a couple again. This time it's called the "Candy Couple" of WGM. Both are actors and as usual I got curious because of articles on soompi and allkpop and decided to take a look. I didn't know both of them before but liked them instantly. I will write more about them in another entry. For now I only want to keep my one-shot here^^...

Title: Heavenly [one-shot]
From We got married – Candy Couple (aka Gong Myeong and Jung Hye Sung)
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14
Spoiler: What happened after Episode 360 and bevor 361?

Disclaimer: I don't own them, just my fantasy and this ist pure fiction!

Waking up from the bright light that shone in their bedroom, Hye Sung smiled instantly when she felt that she was still in his warm embrace. His arm that was her pillow must be hurting. She looked slowly up at his peaceful face. Hye Sung enjoyed looking at him, especially when he was smiling. His deep breaths told her that he was still asleep. It kept her from touching his face, afraid he would wake up. Sometime during the night, he must have got rid of his sweatshirt because he was sweating from the warmth of their bodies. She couldn´t remember when he did it. Every time she was slightly awake during the night, she always found herself in his arms. She´d never felt more safe and protected in her life.

Slowly she raised her head from his arm and tried pulling his right arm carefully down. Instead, he took her by surprise by wrapping both arms tightly around her again and making a move so that she came to lie on top of him. Maybe he was awake and only playing a prank on her? No, after he shifted her a little until he found a comfortable position for her to rest on him, his body relaxed again. With closed eyes, she listened to his comforting heartbeat. Hye Sung loved the feeling of him next to her. It just felt… right. Everything about him just felt… right. However, she could not tell exactly what was right about it. Was it his whole being, giving her a feeling of completeness whenever he was next to her? A feeling that she had never experienced in her entire life before. He was a man she could laugh with, cry with. She didn´t need to hold back her true self.

Hye Sung was glad that he was slowly loosening up. She knew that he was modest because she was older than he was. However, for her those three years didn´t count. Through the hardship he experienced, he was more mature than most guys were in his age anyway. Not that it mattered he was all she needed. He was a man and she was a woman, not more nor less. Two persons who were destined to be together. Suddenly he moved again. Obviously, she was too heavy for his comfort. Carefully he turned to the right again. With his left arm, he drew her closer so that both of their bodies touched. She took the chance and wrapped her right arm around his waist. Was he still sleeping or already awake?

“Morning,” Gong Myeong said, his voice a little hoarse and deep from sleep. She´d always like his voice but this particular pitch was additionally sexy to the max. She´d love to have it as her alarm ringtone on her smartphone. Should she record it one day secretly? Hye Sung decided to pretend that she was still asleep. She was curious what he would do. Would he fall asleep again or get up? When she was not answering, he mumbled, “So my baby is still sleeping? Well, it was late yesterday.” She could tell that he was smiling. The tenderness in his voice made her tremble. Instinctively she snuggled closer against him.

“Wifey seems to be a person who is cold easily,” he whispered, misunderstanding her trembling, “Let me warm you.” With his left hand, he slowly stroke her back up and down. She hid her face in his chest so that he couldn´t see her happy smile. Knowing that he was awake now, she couldn´t resist putting one arm under his T-Shirt. She wanted to feel his skin under her fingertips so eagerly that she gave in to the temptation. She just loved to touch him; her own yearning for him sometimes even startled herself. In her profession, she met many handsome men, but no one other than him could make her heart flutter.

The moment her fingers touched his bare skin she could feel how his whole body tensed, his caring stopped immediately. He held his breath for a moment and his heartbeat quickened. Hye Sung was never happier in her life. His reaction proved her that he could also feel the tension between them. Moreover, she was more than determined to grow this tension. She would do everything to conquer this man, call him hers, just as he had conquered her long ago.

“Don’t do that to me, Wifey! You are killing me softly! Don't forget, I'm a man!” he begged next to her ear, more talking to himself. She could feel how her own heart started to race. Afraid not to be able to control herself, she decided not to caress him, but only to put her hand in place. Instead, she took a deep breath to inhale his scent. Why was he so irresistible for her? She had to stop or else he would really run away from her! Meanwhile, Gong Myeong had slowly taken her arm out of his T-shirt. He was careful not to wake her up. While still holding her hand he pressed it against his chest.

Could there ever be a better way to wake up? Dreamily Hye Sung opened her eyes and smiled at him.
"Morning," she said tenderly. Getting shy again, he smiled back bashfully und pulled out of the embrace.
Quickly he sat up, saying, "We have to hurry since we have a pull packed schedule today."

That was so typically of her hubby...^^
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02 January 2015 @ 10:53 pm
It's about time to introduce the couple who made me fall in love with them.... :) This couple has actually a lot of names: OMG couple, LTE couple, Solim couple or even Olthakhuna couple...and it would take too long to explain their origins...just watch and you will know!...For me they are the LTE couple because they had skinship fast as LTE...lol...

Let me tell you how I found them: I read some articles @soompi that Jae Rim is avancing fast towards So Eun on WGM and I got curious and just tuned in for fun. Never did I expect that I would stick to them like glue...lol...I should mention that I heard of WGM but never was interested to watch it till today, so I was a newbie to this show...I was fascinated by their chemistry and started to watch the other two couples too and even other older couples from the previous seasons cause I could tell from the reactions of the mods that it was not common to behave like that on WGM...kekeke...it was funny how all the fans got crazy from just the slightest skinship by the other couples and here comes a bold man who took her hand on their first night! I simply love Jae Rim for this courage alone! It doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the innocent and sweet relationship of the others...no, I was also giggling and grinning about the process. It's just that the LTE couple is more realistic and adorable in my eyes... :)))

As I said in my previous entry Jae Rim is not only bold in skinship but also very cheesy with his lines...hahaha...he is famous for his finger cringling words but nowadays So Eun is already used to it and nonetheless this man is romantic, so it's not only words but he shows it with his actions...proving her how much he likes her...a perfect setup for a romantic lunatic like me...kekeke...so I'm looking forward to the show every Saturday...I really hope this couple will last long, surpassing all the other couples...^^ I mean thanks to them the ratings of WGM increased constantly over the last weeks and they won "Best Couple" though only 15 episodes of them were aired...

They won at the MBC Entertainment Awards and the moment they appeared I was sold...kekeke...They were not acting differently than from WGM...He was attentive and caring like a real husband and they were holding hands..*melts*...I didn't watch many award shows but I'm sure it's not common to do it. The other two couples from WGM attended as well but didn't do it. And I also love that their attire matched each other's outfit perfectly. They must have spent time to coordinate it! Aren't they just gorgeous?...I have to say that I really like So Eun's gown here. It accentuated her body and oh boy, she does have curves! She was simply beautiful. From the look of Jae Rim's eyes you could tell he thought the same, "So Eun-ahh, my beautiful queen!". He even called her "jagi-yah" [aka "honey"] during their speech...hihihi...[pic not mine, credit to owner]:

13 December 2014 @ 12:22 am
What does that mean? Right!...My leading men this year!...kekeke...Back in Oktober I mentioned Jang Hyuk, Eric and Wookie already while thinking that Rain or In Sung might join but I was wrong! Till today I haven't watched both of their dramas.. :D When I started writing this entry I looked back at the last years...and I really had to grin...I was so right! My heart is really fickle towards men...at least towards actors...hahaha...I guess the men I'm fangirling for are actually the character in the respective drama...cause I love their drama and the pairing I root for them so much...and usually I'm never that crazy again if they have another female lead....speaks volumes about chemistry, right? At least for me!....

Okay, so let's see who could catch my attention more than others...oh, wait! There's another discovery I made...I changed my watching habits...right now, young flowers boys don't really catch my attention any more...guess I'm getting old...lol...I'd rather prefer more mature actors at least 30 years old...I mean it's not really a secret...I've always prefered more matured men [even when I was 18] but back then I would also watch dramas with younger actors but this year somehow they didn't attract me...^^

Eric's pic is the only that's not from a professional photoshooting but a SC from his latest drama but he can keep it up with the others easily which proves his handsomeness!...kekeke...As said it’s not difficult to find out the first three men but I think Jae Rim is a surprise, even to me!…kekeke….And it might surprise you even more because I haven’t seen any of his dramas…O_O so what is he doing on my list? Especially if I even didn’t write much about him yet? I will soon, right now there is only one entry that point at him…;) He is right now on „We got married“ a Korean variety show…I got curious after reading some articles about him with So Eun, who I knew from BOF, and started to watch and I simply love it!…Though it’s not a drama but I see it as a drama, just with more episodes…^^ and he is such a cheeseball and cutie-pie! I will write about it in  my next entry!…:D
Title: "Awakening of Love"
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters...but I do think they own each other^^...

Author's note: Most of this chapter I already wrote back in April but never got to finish the last bit...but because I want to finish this fanfic I finally made it. I miss my ChaeKi friends and I miss them und I miss writing fanfics!...

Chapter 25

In 15 minutes her father would walk together with her down the aisle. She just asked everyone to leave the checkroom, including her mother, cause she needed some minutes to collect her thoughts. Chae Won still couldn't believe that today would be the day where she would officially be Mrs. Song Joong Ki. Everything appeared to be dreamlike.

She had to giggle remembering his nervous facial expression when she added that she would only marry him under one condition. Actually, she just wanted to know when he thought she told him that she loved him. She felt embarrassed when he answered her that he'd heard her whispered words that day when he was drunk and injured his hand. Instead, Joong Ki hugged her tightly and assured her that it only made him love her more.

The last three months went by like a flash. While she had to go back to work a week after they returned from Japan, he took care most of the stuff, like renting a new beautiful apartment for both of them with the help of her parents who had the right connections, while doing his physiotherapie, too, and, of course the most important fact, planning the wedding together with her mother, who specially stayed in Seoul for this big occasion. Chae Won trusted both of them, knowing her mother's talent in planning and his artistic eyes. Most of the time she only had to nod to their ideas or voicing small wishes. The only thing she picked herself was her weeding gown, together with Song Ki. She would never forget the overwhelmed facial expression of her darling when he saw her in a wedding dress for the first time. He was just looking at her while his eyes slowly filled with tears. Asking why, he just said that he never thought of seeing her one day like this, especially as his bride. Of course, that earned him a kiss and a loving hug from her.

Maybe it was because his injury, maybe they wanted to save the best for last, but somehow both agreed mutually without words to spend their "first" night as newly wed in their new appartment. They've also decided to postpone their honeymoon to next spring that they wanted to spend in Japan again. Right now they were too occupied with each other to enjoy anything else anyways. Only having eyes for each other they spent every free minute with each other. Even her mother already complained that they would forget anyone else once they're together. It was like all their bottled up feelings needed to be expressed. As a buddy Joong Ki was already great but as her other half she couldn't help but swoon over his thoughtfulness and sweetness. Would it be a soft massage after a tiring working day or her favorite dishes for dinner, he always managed to make her happy. Or a loving message during work to make her heart skip a beat.

Four weeks after they were back in Seoul again they had dinner with her mother and after talking about some wedding stuff they changed to Joong Ki birth myth. Her mother asked them about the progress of the search for his biological mother and Joong Ki had to admit that, although he'd charged a detective, there were none cause they didn’t have enough evidences besides from the birth certificate, which was a dead end.

Looking at them her mother sighed, "You know, I was thinking all the time why my name was listed when I was never involved. It left me unsettled. Then I remembered something, it is only a vague memory and I might be wrong because it was long ago. As you both know I lost your brother and after a year I had to go for a check-up again. I was sitting in the waiting zone of the hospital when I noticed a woman next to me. She was of my age or maybe one or two years younger. She was obviously pregnant and by herself. First I didn’t pay attention to her. However, after some time I noticed that she was crying all the time, so I asked her if she was fine. First she only nodded. I remember that she ran out of tissues so I gave her one and asked her again if she was fine or needed help. This time she looked at me. I could see by her sad eyes that she was heartbroken. While looking at me she must be considering to tell me her story or not. Thinking it might help her to talk about her fate I smiled encouragingly at her but didn’t pressure her. She was a really pretty woman and just judging by her clothes she must have been from a good family, too. So I was wondering why she was that miserable..."

Her mother stopped to take a breath while Moonie and Joong Ki waited with bated breath for her to continue. Would they find a hint now? Maybe her mother would remember something that might help them?

"I must have been trustworthy cause she smiled hesitantly back at me, thanking me for my concern. She then told me that she was having a really tough time right now cause she fell in love with a man not knowing that he was married. Her parents were old because she was born late and she was also their only child, if they would know what their daughter did they would surely die heartbroken. That’s why she decided to give this baby away to adoption once it was born. However, over the months her love for the baby grew and it would get harder everyday to give it away. I remember I really pitied her cause I could feel her pain. Though through different ways but we were still both losing our babies. Actually, we both shared some tears. Because the nurse called my name I had to go so I quickly gave her my business card and told her she could call me anytime she needed someone to talk to,“ her mom continued.

"Did she ever tell you her name?“ Joong Ki wanted to know.
Her mother shook her head, saying „Only after she was gone I realized that she never told me her name.“
"How come her parents didn’t see her pregnancy?“ Chae Won asked.
"I was asking her the same. She told me that she hid it with her clothes and luckily her belly was quite small. The last four months she sent them back to their home village, telling them to enjoy a well-earned vacation after such a long time,“ Mrs. Moon answered.
"Though we still don’t know the reasons it seems like that this was really the encounter that led to your name on the birth certificate,“ he concluded.
"I guess to protect her family she decided to keep her identity hidden completely not knowing that her decision would have such an impact on our lives,“ Moonie smiled sadly.
"Did you ask your father about the adoption?“ her mom questioned him.
"I did. Father said mother took care of the adoption because he was too busy with work. He only knew that it was a condition from my biological mother to stay anonymous and she gave me right away after birth,“ he replied.

"I’m really sorry that I couldn’t be much of help,“ she sighed.
"No, it’s alright. At least I kinda know why I was given away. As I already told Chae Won I had the best parents I could have so it’s just that I’m curious. I just hope she found love later and has a happy life,“ he smiled, though a little sad.
Taking his hands in hers she smiled encouragingly at him. Since then they still didn’t get any new news.

"Chae Won, are you ready?“ her father suddenly asked, after knocking at the door.
"Give me a minute!“ she answered while jumping up from the chair she sat. After a quick look in the mirror to make sure that everything was perfect she rushed to the door. With a bright smile she opened the door and looked proudly at her father, who was in his finest tuxedo. He stretched out his hand for hers.

„Thank you for everything you and mum have done for us,“ she said.
„It was our pleasure! You know, it can never be good enough for our beloved daughter,“ he answered, winking at her.
After giving him a peck on his cheek both proceeded to the wedding hall where Joong Ki and her mother was already waiting. The moment the door opened the music started to play. Slowly she went along the aisle towards the man she was waiting for nearly her whole life, at least that’s how it felt like for her. Both locked their gazes, forgetting all the guests that clapped their hands.

He looked so dashingly handsome in his black tuxedo, she thought.
She was the most beautiful bride he’s ever seen, he thought.

Their eyes shone brightly from the love for each other and every guest agreed that these two were a match made in heaven.

Joong Ki and her father bowed to each other. Then her father placed her hand in Joong Ki's before returning to his place next to her mother. Bride and groom shared another look. She couldn't help smiling brightly at him.
Joong Ki mouthed, "You’re beautiful! I love you!“
"Ta, too!“ she whispered back.

Later she couldn’t tell how she behaved during the ceremony. Everything was dreamlike, as if she wasn’t present. Maybe it was only a dream? Didn’t she dream about the break-up once, too? So maybe this was also another dream? Sub-unconsciously she squeezed his hand. Looking at her worried face he gave her a peck on the palm of her hand, causing the priest to say half jokingly that it was not yet the time to share kisses. The whole wedding hall laughed while her face turned crimson red. Joong Ki only smirked mischievously. Judging from the smooth flow of the rest of the ceremony she must have had say the right words at the right moments.

"NOW you can kiss the bride,“ the priest said his last words with a light smirk, making everyone giggle again. However, Joong Ki only smiled happily. Slowly he raised her veil.
"Finally you are mine, Moonie!“ he whispered, closing his eyes the moment their lips met.
"This was only a taster of what is yet to come,“ he teased her after they broke free.
"Oppa~…!!!“ she complained but smiled at the same time.

The announcer asked the guests to stay for the wedding pictures before going over to the restaurant.
Both went over to his father and greeted him first before turning to her parents. Chae Won hugged her mother especially tightly to thank her for all the help.
"Before we’re going to take pictures I want to introduce you to someone very special,“ her mother said.
"Who?“ Moonie asked curiously. Meanwhile her mother has waved a person to come closer. It was a woman close to her mother's age. She was very pretty, well-dressed but not too chic. Maybe one of her friends from America? She could hear Joong Ki laughing with her father. He’d always been loved by both of her parents. All her past few boyfriends were always compared to him, never being able to reach his level in their eyes. So, of course, no one was happier than them when Joong Ki made his official visit to ask for their permission to marry her after their return from Japan.

"Joong Ki, I want to introduce her to you, too,“ her mother also asked for his attention. Nodding he turned to the ladies.
"Actually, I want to make it short. I was able to find the woman you were searching for,“ her mother continued.
Both Chae Won and Joong Ki looked dumbfounded at her. Did they really hear it right? Her mother wouldn’t play a prank, right? It would be too cruel! Joong Ki slowly looked at the woman who had started to cry. She was his mother? Was he daydreaming?

"I’m soooo sorry, adil. I was young and foolish, but most of all I wanted to give you a life without the burden of being the son of a single mother,“ his mother whispered.
"Wha..aat? Wh...ooo? How?" he was only able to stutter. Chae Won sqeezed his hand, being in shock herself.
"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you ealier. I didn't want to disappoint both of you so I kept my search hidden until I found her. It was only this morning that I got her call and asked her to come. She just arrived. Since she now lives in Busan with her family it took her some time to come," her mother answered. His mother nodded.
"Mother, thank you!" Joong Ki hugged his mother-in-law tightly. Then he took the hand of his mother and said, "Thank you for coming. It made my happiest day even more special!"
"Mom, how were you able to find her when we weren't?" Chae Won asked couriously.
"After some time of intensive thinking I could remember a name on the ultrasonic scan she showed me that day because I was starring very long at it that day. I remember I was wishing desperately to have such a picture, too. It was like a miracle to me. How could I know that one day Joong Ki would really be my son? It was really fate. However, since I wasn't sure I decided to make my own investigation before rising unfulfilled hope in both of you. I'm glad it worked out this way," her mother answered.

Again Chae Won hugged her and thanked her. It made her happy that Joong Ki was happy now. Looking tenderly at him who was whispering with his mother, she told her mother that she couldn't give him a bigger present. Turning back to her he took her hand. Joong Ki pulled her softly next to him. She knew he would later talk to his mother more. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders he gave her a peck on her cheeks.

"Shall we go on with our wedding ceremony?" he asked her smilingly. She nodded. They still had to take pictures and have the banquet. Looking at him she thought that her life couldn't be more perfekt now.
"Thank you for coming into my life and even more for returning my feelings!" she said softly.
"No, Moon Chae Won, the pleasure is on my side! I must have saved a whole country in my previous life to meet you in this! Thank you for loving me!" he replied tenderly, unable to resist kisising her another time.

Intertwining their hands they concentrated on their guests again. Later they would have more than enough time for each other....
Title: "Awakening of Love"
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters...but I do think they own each other^^...

Author's note:
First I want to thank those awesome readers who kept urging me to update this fanfic although it was pushed back for such a long time...it was because of all your great comments and messages that made me finish it although I started this chapter more than half a year ago...oh gosh, it's really that long ago?...I know, shame on me! However, I promise the last chapter will be shared the next ten days!

Here comes the link for those who read it too long ago and want to refresh the previous chapter: http://limanh-1.livejournal.com/165918.html

Chapter 24

Chae Won was on cloud nine. She never did imagine that happiness could reach this level. It was like jumping from the highest building only to land safely in his arms. She felt drunken, drunken from his love. Could she, please, just keep this state forever?

"Oppa..."she moaned when he finally gave her lips free. She was not sure who was in charge of taking control now. Not that it mattered. The game turned into a burning fire the moment he demanded entry in her mouth, erasing every reasonable thought she had left. Now all she could think of were the eletrifying shocks that run through her body.

"Hmmm..." he mumbled, still busy giving her pecks. Then he took her upper lip between his teeth and gave her a tender love bite, causing a shiver running down her spine. Chae Won surpressed another moan while her fingernails digged in his shoulders. Then she forced herself to take his face in both hands and hold him severeal inches away from hers. Breathing deeply in she tried to calm down.

"Oppa..." she started another time and put a hand on his lips when he tried to kiss her again, "Stop it! I need to say something!"
After his nod she said, "I know what you want and I also know what I want but this is not the right time! You are injured and barely able to walk, so let's delay it to another time."
"You know that you are cruel, right? How can we stop now?" he complained, knowing she was right. Right at that moment her stomach growled, reminding her that it was hours and hours ago that she ate something. She smiled embarrassedly.
"Why didn't you tell me that you were hungry?" he asked.
"Eh? I did! But you were hungry for something else if I might reming you!" she objected.
"You're right! And I'm still am, but let us get something to eat first," he grinned, helping her up from his lap.

In the kitchen she told him to sit down while she placed the sushi she bought on plates. After getting two softdrinks out of the fridge she sat down across him to eat. He opened his mouth and pointed with a finger at the sushi. She deliberately took the best one and moved towards her own mouth to see his reaction. Of course, he immdiately complained and tried to grab for it. However, because of his handicap he was not fast enough to catch her. Out of his reach she put them slowly in her mouth and ate it with delight. Looking at him she raised her eyebrows and licked along her lips while saying, "Hmmmm...."

"You're mean! I'm hungry, too!" he complained, trying to reach for the plate with the sushi.
Chae Won who saw that coming quickly took it away.
"I only let you eat if you promise me something," she grinned.
"Again? You are abusing my injured condition to reach your goals! You are an evil woman!" he stated, "You know that I'll take revenge once I'm cured, right?"
"I'm not afraid of your revenge! So will you promise me something or not?" she answered cooly.
Sighing heavily as if he was deadly hurt, he finally nodded. Looking at his sulking face she had to suppress her laughter.
"You have to promise me never to keep such a big secret by yourself again!" she demanded.
Joong Ki who was expecting something else looked surprisedly at her, "Ehhh...?"
"I want us to go through good and bad time together!" she explained.
He was only able to look at her, too touched to say something. Again he nodded, this time biting his lips.

When he finally opened his mouth to say something she quickly put a sushi in.
"I don't want you to be by yourself in your hardest time. I don't want to be only your lover but also your best friend as we've always been! Cause I think we have the best basis for a solid relationship. Love that is build on strong friendship is proven to be the most durable partnership," she added.
"This reminds me of something!" he pointed out and asked her to come with the chair next to him.
Taking her left hand in his right one he only looked at her for some time. She looked questioningly back at him, slowly getting nervous from his silence. Instead of answering he pointed with his chin at the sushi and opened his mouth. So he only wanted her to be in his reach! She had to smile at his cleverness. This time she fed him with no more teasing.

"Actually this was not the reason why I asked you next to me but I wanted both of us to be full first before saying something," he started after they were done.
"So what do you want to say?" she asked noisily.
He tenderly put his hand on her face. Instead of answering he leaned forward and aimed for her lips again. Closing her eyes she waited for his touch. However, before his lips would touch hers he got up and gave her a tender peck on her forehead instead.

"There is something I never told you…and we just promised not to keep secrets, right?…" he whispered in her ear. Another secret she didn't know of? Nervously she already wanted to open her eyes and look at him, but he quickly put a hand on her eyes.
"Don't…please, keep it shut for another minute. I'll lead the way and you just follow me, okay? I promise, it's nothing bad," he asked for her favor while turning her around so that she was standing in front of him.
Chae Won was curious what he was planning. When she asked him if it was okay to walk with the cast he only said yes. She could tell that he was leading her to his bedroom. He placed her on the bed and repeated his request not to open her eyes. At the same time he reassured her that he was not planning anything naughty.

She nodded. He took something out of his closet and returned next to her. Sitting down next to her he waited for her to slowly open her eyes. Expectantly she then looked at him who was only smiling fondly.
„You know that you are beautiful, right?“ he said instead of answering her unspoken question.
„I can’t complain about you either,“ she replied in a teasing tone.
„One day I want a daughter who is as pretty as you are,“ he continued, taking her by surprise.
„Oh, when did I ever say that I will marry you?“ she smirked.
„The moment you told me that you love me!“ he answered confidently.
"When did I ever?!?" she wondered.
"You did!" he simply grinned, leaving her somehow clueless behind. Despite her begging he refused to answer the question.

After two minutes of them bickering playfully he turned serious.
"Okay, coming back to the topic I wanted to tell you....hmmm, I don't know if I should tell you this, but I've done something I shouldn't..." he stopped talking while she waited with bated breath.
"Oppa, what did you do? Cheongmal, tell me!" she urged him.
"I don't know if I should...you might kill me!" he hesitated.
"Oppa! You can't let me in the rain like this! That's not fair!" she complained, fluttering her eyelashes she begged, "Pleaaase..."
"Arghhhh, THAT is not fair! How can I resist those eyes?!?" he sighed dramatically, causing her to laugh.

Suddenly he carefully slid down from the bed and sat down next to her an the carpet. She looked questioningly down at him, but he only asked her to wait a second. Taking her left hand in his he looked at her in all seriousness without saying a word. She gulped, but waited. Clearing his throat he finally spoke.

"You know, Moonie, nothing was more difficult and heartbreaking for me than thinking that you were my sister. Simply because in my eyes you are my woman. All the other girls I had were only "decoration", my vain attempts to forget that my heart belongs to you. Not that I really succeeded, but the moment I saw you together with Park Si Hoo I became aware that I was only betraying myself. You know, the day after I found out that you truly reciprocated my feelings I did something that was really foolish. I can't say why I did it, I just had the urge to do it. I think it was one of the most bittersweet moments in my life. I felt like crying but at the same time I couldn't. What I did? I went to the jeweler and bought this ring. Since then I'm carrying it with me..." he stopped and slowly took a small box out of his jeans pocket. More than surprised Chae Won put her right hand on her mouth. She was only able to look at him while waiting for him to continue.

"I bought this ring thinking that if I can't give it to you I will never ever give it to someone else nor will I ever get married...it will always only be you! So can you imagine my happiness when today my dream came true? I'm sorry I can't kneel in front of you due to my injury and I'm also sorry that I can't wait till everything is healed but please understand that today is the day I was waiting for, for what seems to be decades. Therefore, Miss Moon Chae Won will you give me the honor to be my wife?..." he opened the jeweler box that contained a beautiful diamont ring, looking expectantly at her. Biting her lips she slowly slid down the bed as well till she sat next to him again. Her eyes were filled with tears that she tried holding on. Tenderly she took his face in both of her hands.

Chae Won looked at him before she answered with a trembling voice, "I do!" However, she stopped him when he wanted to hug her, "Wait! Only under one condition!..."
02 March 2014 @ 12:56 pm
Title: Your Eyes
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14
Spoiler: none
Disclaimer: I don't own any character just my weird thoughts... :)

Na Jeong and Trash Oppa were married a month already and were now living in their own office-tel. He came home from work one an half hour ago. They just had their dinner. Now both sat in the living room to watch some news but apparently Oppa was occupied with something else.

„Why are you looking at me like this?“ she asked him. He was sitting silently for two minutes next to her on the couch and wasn’t doing anything but starring at her. Trash Oppa bit his lips, something he often did when he was thinking, then he slowly shook his head, still not answering her. Was he daydreaming? Did he even hear her words?
With her hands she waved in front of his face, asking „Oppa~…?
Catching her hand he lead it to his lips, giving her a fond kiss but still not saying anything. Instead he kept looking at her. Slowly she got nervous, was he having bad news and only thinking of a way to tell her nicely?

„Oppa~…? Don’t scare me…“ she therefore asked another time.
„Eh?…Oh, I’m sorry, Oppa didn’t mean to,“ he smiled still not bothering to give an answer for his weird behavior.
Suddenly he put both of his hands around her face. With his thumbs he caressed her cheeks tenderly. He was still looking at her as if he was under magic spell.
„Should I be worried?“ she could’t help asking again. She knew he was sometimes absentminded but right now he was actually looking at her, yet he seemed to be miles away. Again he only shook his head. Slowly he neared her face and kissed first the one eye then the other. Afterwards he only looked at her again. Hence, she teased him, „Oppa, did you smoke something else but cigarettes today?“ making him laugh out loud. „I don’t need any other drugs as long as I have you,“ he answered confidently.

„I just found out what I love most about you~…“ he started and fell silent again.
„And~…?“ She asked, getting slowly impatient. Not that it helped, once Oppa was thinking he could be as stubborn as a mule.
“Kim Jae Joon-ssi! Answer me before I start pulling your hair again!“ she nearly screamed.
„No need to scream that loud, wench! I’m not deaf!“ he complained, covering playfully his ears.
Standing up she placed herself in front of him. She stood with her hands on her hips while looking daggers at him.
Looking up at his wife Trash put a finger on his lips, saying „Why, did I say something wrong?“
As usual unable to resist his cuteness Na Jeong sighed heavily. What to do with this manchild?
Sitting down next to him again she was now taking his face in her hands, forcing him to look in her eyes.
„I just wanted to know why you were starring at me and you still haven’t answered my question yet!“ she repeated her request, „Don’t you dare daydreaming again or I will kiss you to death!“

„Aigoo, does my wife really think this is a threat? If I get these words every time I might do it more often!“ he only laughed.
„Eh…did I say kiss? Of course, I meant I will bite you!“ she quickly changed her words, being aware of her mistake. How could she threat a sex maniac with these words? It was rather an offer for him.
„Like this?“ he asked and before she could take a breath he already bite her lower lip tenderly. Closing her eyes she enjoyed his caress.
„Or like this?“ he whispered, now biting her upper lip. Then he went with his tongue along her lips.
„Or do you mean this?“ he continued, with his teeth softly on her left ear lop. She moaned, nearly giving in to his temptation. This man knew only too well how to seduce her. No way she would let him win this time! She still needed her answer! To wake herself up as well she hit with her head against his.

„Ouch! How come you are always mistreating your husband? Oppa is sad now!“ he pouted.
Crossing her arms she only looked sternly at him.
„Okay, okay! What were we talking about? Kisses? Bites?“ he gave in.
„Oppa!!!“ she complained, „I will really bite you! And be sure that it wouldn’t be a pleasure!“
„Who are you telling? Oppa knows your bites only too well…actually it’s really nothing big. Oppa was just thinking that I’m a lucky guy to have such a beautiful and intelligent wife like you. Sometimes Oppa wakes up late at night and can’t believe that we are really married. Then I’m poking myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming,“ he finally explained his behavior. Trash couldn’t avoid his eyes from getting misty. He still got emotional every time he thought that he could have lost her back then.
„Really? How about waking me up the next time you fear to be dreaming again? I promise, I will show you that we are real. Oppa knows why? Cause without you there is no reality for me!“ she simply answered, wrapping her arms tightly around him.Trash put his head on her shoulder while also embracing her.

„And you know what I love the most about you?...It’s your eyes…I’ve truly never seen so beautiful eyes…They are always showing me your thoughts and emotions, your anger, your passion but most of all your love. I’m getting drunk from the love in your eyes that's why I love starring at you!“ he continued. Putting both hands around his face she raised his head till their eyes met. Without words her eyes were telling him exactly what she felt. Leaning in she gave him a peck, appreciating his words all the more knowing that he was not a man who likes to talk about his feelings. He must have a weak moment right now.
„Do you know what I love the most about you?“ she asked him afterwards.
„My sexy kissable lips?“ he grinned with shining eyes, raising his brows.
„Oppa! Is there ever anything else in your head but this?“ she asked him playfully strict. He simply shook his head, „What you do expect from a newlywed man, especially if he is spending way too less time with his wife? But please, tell me what you like the most.“

„Hmm~…“she said hesitantly while slowly getting up from the couch. Looking at him she smiled mischievously and only shook her shoulders. Turning around she proceeded to leave for the kitchen. It took him a moment to realize that she didn’t intend to answer the question.
„Jeong-ah, tell me,“ he called after her only to be ignored, „Jeong-ah!…Na Jeong-ah!…Sung Na Jeong!“
„What?!?…I’m still thinking,“ she talked her way out of answering him.

When she was about to take orange juice out of the fridge he suddenly hugged her from behind, capturing her between him and the fridge.
„So you don’t want to answer Oppa, huh?“ he asked her. She quickly held back her smile.
„Oppa, it’s cold here! Let go of me!“ she demanded, seemingly untouched by the skinship.
With a quick move he turned her around, lifted her up on his arms while putting her legs around his waist. He closed the fridge with his shoulders. Carrying her to the counter he placed her on top of it while standing between her legs.

„We will stay here till I get your answer,“ he declared.
„I have all the time of the world, Oppa,“ she grinned.
„Really? Oppa will prove you otherwise,“ he smirked, making her curious and at the same time nervous. What was he planning this time? She was trapped by his body. He had put both of his hands on her hips, keeping her in place. Na Jeong didn’t know how long she could resist his charm. He was her weakest point and this devil of a man knew it. She reminded herself of her fighting sprit and her will to always win. However, it was difficult is think of it when she actually wanted the same like the man in front of her. She just enjoyed challenging him.

She looked questioningly at him. Smirking he first went along the outer line of her thigh and then turned to the inside. Since it was a very hot summer day she only wore a skirt and short-sleeved shirt. Therefore Oppa was caressing more or less her bare skin. His touch made her shiver. Automatically she tried to close her legs but was stopped by his hips. „Oppa~…“ she breathed. Putting her hands on his she tried to stop his movements. Biting her lips she fought against his seduction and her own feelings.
„What do you like the most about me?“ he asked and look in her eyes, stopping his touching shortly.
Inhaling deeply she starred back at him, daring him „Don’t ask me! Right now I can’t think of anything good!“
„I see, I see, my Jeongie is in fighting spirit today. I will show you my amenities, my amenities“ he accepted her challenge and wet his lips with his tongue. Seeing his tongue Na Jeong had to gulp inwardly. This would be an unfair fight. She could feel already how her body was getting excited from his attraction, yet she had to pretend indifference. His manly lure had never failed to catch her.

Raising his right hand he touched her temple and went slowly downwards her nose, lips, chin and stopped at her collarbone.
„Do you know it now?“ he then asked. Looking at him she first didn’t know what he meant since her brain stopped working. Quickly she shook her head, actually waiting for him to continue. Taking both of her hands he put them on his shoulders, knowing how much she loved touching him. She could feel that he was breathing faster, proving her that he was not untouched by their little intermezzo. Then he neared her in slow-motion. Expectantly she opened her lips a little, feeling mesmerized by his eyes. However, the moment she thought he would kiss her he put his lips on her throat instead.

„Oppa!“ she couldn’t help protesting, despite revealing herself. Grabbing his hair softly she pulled him up again. Deciding that it was worth loosing this game she wrapped her hands around his neck, her legs around his waist. Now it was her time to lick her lips while looking at him. Her eyes were telling him her wishes. Oppa proved his words to be true when he closed her lips with his in the blink of an eye. Without an interruption of their kissing he carried her to the bedroom…
23 February 2014 @ 05:30 pm
Title: Tonight
Author: limanh
Rating: M, please be of legal age before reading this!
Spoiler: Don't read it if you haven't watched episode 21 of Reply 1994 yet...
Disclaimer: As usual I don't own any characters only my fantasy... :)

Part 3:

Are you sure you wanna read this????....Collapse )

Author's note:
Please, don't ask me why it turned out so lavaishly...It just happened as if indeed they told me what to write...lol...Still, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure, this is something I don't usually write about...it's the magic called Nareki...<3

P.S. Gifs are not mine...credits goes to the rightful owner: DC Reply 1994
09 February 2014 @ 11:58 pm
Title: Stay
Author: limanh
Rating: PG 14-ish?
Spoiler: Don't read it if you haven't watched episode 21 of Reply 1994 yet...
Disclaimer: As usual I don't own any characters only my fantasy... :)

Author's note: To get into the feeling before reading, please, listen to this song first:

Part 2:

The moment he saw her tearful face it felt like someone stabbed in his heart. It was his fault that his Jeongie was suffering, yet she was willing to come! Could he ever get a bigger proof of her love? Relief made it difficult for him to breath. He clinched to the doorknob, feeling a little shaken by the whole situation. It was only when she went past him that he truly realized that she was really here. He automatically grabbed for her. Her resistance only proved him how much he had hurt her. Sorrow, higher than a mountain, built up in him when he finally wrapped his arms around her. Was she really back in his arms? Feeling her trembling body against his he tightened his embrace, longing to feel her as close as possible. He knew now that no matter what lies ahead of them they could overcome it together. Her shaking knees gave up their work and so both landed on the floor instead. The words „I’m so sorry“ formed inside his head, but he swallowed them down, remembering her request not to say them. And so instead of words his tears started to fall. Each of her sobs hurt him more than any fever could.

Slowly they let go of each other. Taking her beautiful face in both of his hands he looked at the treasure he nearly lost, his other half. Without her he was not a whole person and so the words came out just naturally, not only once but twice,...

Now Na Jeong raised both hands and put it tenderly on his cheeks, wiping his tears away. Closing his eyes he was inhaling her touch into his soul after such a long time. The years of longing and yearning were finally over! The moment her lips met his everything else was forgotten. Both dived up in their own world of feelings...

It was only when he stripped off her jacket that both came back to reality. When did he unbutton it? Trash couldn't remember.
Looking at him she smiled and hit his hand, saying, "Oppa, we can't do this! You are still sick!"
"I'm feeling a lot better now," he assured her, while smiling tenderly back at her.
"Oh, really? When did you eat and take medicine the last time?" she asked.
"I just got my energy and medicine," he answered and gave her a fond peck.
"You can never be serious," she complained.
"I'm deadly serious!" he smirked and helped her up.

Because of her weak knees she landed in his arms again. Wrapping the arms around her he chuckled.
„If you want to be in my arms you just need to say a word,“ he teased her.
„Oppa!“ she complained, only half-heartedly.
"Yes, I'm your Oppa, your one and only real Oppa!" he reassured, only half-jokingly.
She knew she should take care of him but feeling his touch was just too alluring. Only a minute, she told herself and put her head on his shoulders. Later she couldn’t tell if it was really only a minute or ten. Not that it mattered as long as she could be in his arms. Taking one last deep breath she stepped out of his embrace.

„Oppa, you rest on the couch or in your bed while I cook some porridge. I didn’t bring anything and I’m pretty sure even without looking in your fridge that you barely have anything eatable anymore,“ she suggested. Trash only nodded, enjoying the feeling of being spoiled after such a long time. If his Jeongie decided something it would be useless to object anyway.
„I will rest on the couch. The last days I was laying down too often already, my back hurts,“ he answered.
„Do you need a blanket or a sweater?“ she wanted to know but he only shook his head, telling her that he was fine this way.

In the living room she gave him some extra cushions so that he was sitting comfortably. Turning to the table she wanted to fish for the remote controller when her eyes fell on a picture that he had put there. She had to smile touched when she recognized herself on the picture. Turning back to him she gave him a tender peck on his cheek before passing him the controller.
„What was that for?“ he wondered. „For all the years I couldn’t give you some,“ she simply answered.
When she was about to leave he held her back by gripping her wrist. Turning to him again she asked, „Yes?“
After a mischievous smile he made a pout, asking without words for a kiss. Unbelievingly she first looked at him, then smiled back. Bending down to him she neared his lips but instead of kissing him she hit his lips, saying the exact words he did back then, „Naughty, naughty!“ Laughingly she left for the kitchen, leaving a man behind who was now sighing sadly. On her way she also took off her sweater because it was pretty warm in his office-tel. Underneath she wore a white blouse.

Since the porridge was done quickly she was able to turn back to him soon. When she entered with a tray with food and water he wanted to jump up to help but she asked him to stay seated. Next to the couch he took it from her and placed it on the table. He looked tired. Sitting down next to him she put a hand on his forehead to check his fever, but he seemed to be fine. She’d put the medicine on the tray, too, anyway. Taking the bowl with the porridge in her hand she stirred and blew it since it was still hot.

All the time Trash was only looking at her, not saying a word. He still couldn’t believe that she was here right now. Somehow he was afraid that she might vanish if he didn’t look at her. Maybe he was dreaming right now, maybe he was in delirium, that’s why it appears so real? As a doc he had heard of stories where his patients told him that they met persons that weren’t real. Maybe he was experiencing the same because of his sickness and his longing?

„Jeong-ah, pinch me!“ he asked for, while still looking at her without moving in inch.
„Eh?“ she wondered and looked up from the bowl only to see Oppa starring at her, „why?“
„Pinch me, pinch me!“ he repeated.
„Here take this instead,“ she held a spoonful porridge in front of his lips.
„Ouch! Wench, it’s still hot!“ he complained and fanned with his hand his mouth.
„I know, but it has the same affect like pinching,“ she only laughed.
„You are a mean girl. Treating your sick Oppa like this,“ he protested but at the same time looked tenderly at her.

From then on she made sure that it was not too hot while feeding him. Afterwards she gave him the water with the medicine. She could see that he was fighting his tiredness, all the excitement and stress was too much for his still weak body. Putting the glass back on the tray she helped him up and accompanied him to his bedroom. When she was about to cover the blanket over him Trash made a quick move and she landed nearly on him in the bed. With closed eyes he wrapped both arms tightly around her. „Don’t leave me tonight,“ he whispered, giving her a kiss on her hair. Nodding she agreed. Shortly afterwards he was asleep.

However, Na Jeong was still too agitated to sleep, even after a quarter hour. She still couldn’t believe that right now she was lying next to him again. Both of them had such a long journey. Did they really reach their destination? Not yet, but they were surely walking the same path again. If the break-up did prove her something then it would be that this man was her definition of happiness. Without him there was such a big hole in her heart that no one else could fill. Na Jeong looked tenderly at the man who held her love so tightly in his hand. She was happy that he still replied her love. Knowing that his charm attracted other women like bees around a honeypot he could have easily found another girl who would love him just as much. She carefully put a hand on his face, afraid to wake him up, but the urge to touch him was bigger.

Na Jeong forgot the fact that Trash was not without a reason a doc for several years already who barely had enough sleep. The moment she touched his face he knew it. Placing his own hand on hers he stroke along his cheek several times while still having his eyes closed. Then he turned his face and placed a tender kiss on her palm.
„I’m sorry for disturbing you, please fall sleep again,“ she excused, putting her arm around his waist instead.
„No, it’s fine,“ he answered, understanding her feelings. Slowly he started to stroke her back. Nestling closer to him she smiled happily. Finally she was able to relax and fall asleep as well...

Author's note:
To think that I actually only wanted to write a one-shot...lol...well, that's me! Always writing more than planned...There is a part 3 to come and then hopefully I really finished it...I hope you liked it...^^...thanks a lot for reading!...<3